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adopt-a-shelf Program

Help us feed our community! Sign up for the Montville Kiwanis Food Pantry Adopt-a-Shelf Program today.

To meet the growing demand for food assistance in our community, the Montville Kiwanis Food Pantry has launched the Adopt-A-Shelf program. This program allows local businesses, groups, and individuals to sponsor a pantry shelf for a specific duration, committing to keeping it stocked with non-perishable food items.

Who can help?
Anyone! Whether you're a local business, a classroom, a sports team, a running group, a book club, a neighborhood, a group of friends, or an individual, you can make a difference.
How does it work?
  1. Select one of our pantry shelves to adopt (see monthly amounts below).
  2. Collect items each month according to the shelf you've adopted.
  3. Arrange a drop-off to the pantry on a specified day each month.
  4. Alternatively, your group can pledge a monetary donation, and we'll take care of the shopping for the items needed.
For how long?
We encourage groups to commit to adopting a shelf for at least three months, but you can choose any length of time that works for you. Switching to a different shelf each month is also a great way to add variety and fun to your participation. Rest assured, all sponsors will be recognized for their support.
Ready to Make a Difference?
If you're eager to get involved in our Adopt-a-Shelf Program or require additional information, please reach out to email at Your support has the power to create a meaningful impact within our community.
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