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Larry Hines, President
Michael King, Immediate Past President
Eileen King, Vice President

2022-2023 Club Officers and Board of Directors


The following are the Montville Kiwanis club's elected Officers and Board of Directors:

Club Officers
President                                    Larry Hines
Immediate Past President         Michael King
Vice President                            Eileen King
Treasurer                                    Ron Kavanagh
Secretary                                    Danielle Mangione-Vasser
Assistant Treasurer                    Charlie Grau



Board of Directors

2021-2023                         Deane Driscoll

2021-2023                         Tom Mazzaccaro

2021-2023                         Joseph O’Dowd

2022-2024                         Charlie Grau

2022-2024                         Michael Johnson

2022-2024                         Ladis Karkowsky

Ron Kavanagh, Treasurer
Danielle Mangione-Vasser, Secretary
Kiwanis Installation Program
Board of Directors (left to right)
Joseph O'Dowd, Tom Mazzaccaro, Ladis Karkowsky, Charlie Grau, Dean Driscoll
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