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Club History

Sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Caldwell, The Kiwanis Club of
Montville Township was founded on June 10, 1978.

Montville Township in 1978 was a rural community in the early and formative stages of development. It was clear that Montville would see many changes in the years following 1978 and that the Kiwanis Club, through it’s members, would play a large role in the community by providing community leaders. Over the years the club members included or advanced Mayors, Committeemen, Board of Education Presidents, Planning Board Chairmen, Board of Health Chairmen, members of all local boards and commissions, State Senators and numerous other community and civic leaders. The club and some of its members have been and continue to be the recipients of prestigious Local, County and State awards.

The motto of the Kiwanis Club of Montville could be "WE DON'T DO IT DIFFERENT - WE JUST DO IT BETTER". Whether it is a spaghetti dinner fund raiser or a hands-on sponsorship of a community based mentally challenged children's program, it is done successfully and progressively better.

Montville Kiwanis founded and continues to actively sponsor the Montville High School Key Club. Key Club membership averages 250 high school students, which is almost 1/3 of the total population. Kiwanis also founded the Robert R. Lazar Builders Club for the 6th, 7th & 8th graders. Both the Builders Club and the Key Club continually perform community service projects with the assistance of Kiwanis.

Whether it is singing at local nursing homes during the Christmas holidays, raising tens of thousands of dollars for scholarships, building a playground, lighting the first Little League ball field, cutting wood to help the elderly heat their homes, distributing food on holidays and contributing to Kiwanis International projects, the Kiwanis Club of Montville, by example, is always ready to show Montville's young people that community service is a rewarding avocation.

The list of Kiwanis activities and accomplishments is long and impressive. The Kiwanis Club of Montville serves its community and children in the finest tradition and is a model of selflessness in the spirit of giving and humility.

Montville Township was voted one of the top fifty communities in the United States where people would like to live. Montville Kiwanis has played a major part in these national achievements. This is a proud club that is building lasting traditions.

Montville-Boonton Food Pantry

Holiday Caroling

Montville Community Playground

Sprella Scoreboard

Fourth of July

Sundial Memorial

Alex's Lemonade Stand

Pasta Dinner Fundrasier

Roadside Cleanup

 Kiwanis Float

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